| The Art of TJ Frias


Daily Sketch 02.21.2014
Batman: the Animated Series
Pencil/Fine line Marker Pens
Daily Sketch 09.22.2013
My fantasy football picks.
Daenerys, Walter, Daryl. .5 mech on sketchbook.

Book Spot Illustration

Procreate for iPad


Animal Designs for Web Content and Toys

Client: Creata, Inc.

Medium: Traditional + Adobe Illustrator

Justice League Original 7
Sketch: graphite on sketchbookInks and Colors: Jot Pro and Procreate for the iPad
Captain America

Procreate for iPad

Procreate for iPad
Jot Pro
Daily Sketch 10.23.2012This daily sketch is dedicated to every SF Giants fan on the planet!
Daily Sketch 09.02.2012
The Kiss
Here’s a thing that’s been making the news, so I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring. My tribute to the perennial super hero love story. This ain’t gonna last long.
Inks on 9x12 bristol.